Real Hate

by Still Around

Cut off your hands that surrounds me Still the one bleeding is me Because I thought they would hold me forever But your hands were made of lies But I keep this in my mind forever That fake love is worse than real hate
Remember when we were kids hanging in the streets We started out as two but soon got a crew who were misfits too Today a few remains who feels the same as then I’m so glad that you’re still here, our friendship will remain Still fit in fucking nowhere But still around Still got friends standing by me Still around Won’t socialize with you Won’t share my pride Won’t live my life with you Won’t compromise Make no mistakes we still take no shit Make no mistakes we’re still true till death Make no mistakes we’re still true and we stay Living our lives, but not like you do Cannot fit in we still say fuck you This is our time we’re still true and we stay
Hate my guts, because I’m not like you But I see through the scams you pull King of hardcore, king of the pit You don’t realize I don’t give a shit You try to direct my life But that’s just a waste of time Leave hardcore and join the police Beat me legally, out on the street Leave hardcore Join the police Yeah we’re Still Around And we don’t take no shit
As our youth has come to an end Still our hearts burns with restless flames Can’t slow down, and be like you Can’t find peace or rest in life We go on searching till we die Can’t find truth in what you do Don’t tell me how I should be I want to be free Your life just isn’t for me I want to be free Yeah one day I might give in Put my faith in the establishment Can’t slow down, and be like you But until that day will come I will keep playing this hardcore song Can’t find truth in what you do


released March 25, 2011




5FeetUnder Records Aalborg, Denmark

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