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Raising Ruins for the Future

by Mighty Midgets

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Just because you have the right to say what the fuck you want, does not mean you absolutely have to insult and demonize everyone around you. Are we really so damn self-absorbed that we cannot interact with anyone around us and not act like complete assholes? Remember this: this right points in both directions and there is no room for double standards Take a look around and think before you speak. Silence is golden and all your talk is cheap I will not oppose your human right but I still think that you are wrong You cannot defend your own right to offend and expect not to be offended The conclusion: Complete freedom of expression necessitates mutual respect “If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.” - Noam Chomsky
Thick makeup, stiletto heels placed with scrupulous precision as if they walked the Hollywood cement Screaming kids in wheelchairs, hushing would-be hipster parents who wish that they were young again Keep walking forward with the sun in your eyes The shopping mall is an ant hill where our species hibernates All things are for sale if you are willing to pay I wonder if there is anybody here who notices me A dumpster diver without teeth and slick important assholes having a snack in business suits Fat bodies in nerd shirts with in-jokes on the chest A preteen Goth kid sniffing glue I wonder if there is anybody here who notices me
Like an unwanted guest we knock on the door, ruin dinner with fine gifts of progress, and state of the art technology, Christian thought and modern ways of living We sweep the land with one-way empathy like a bully equipped with a handgun. And undetonated cluster bombs; “Something for the children…” What are we preventing by making enemies? For freedom or fairness, no matter the objective, bombs are still made to raze and guns to kill For morals or money, seen in the great prospective, it is the world for our children that we burn down We will leave again, but we are not leaving much; Institutions for your legless children. Still, from far away we are shocked to see the works of the oppressor blown to pieces. But between the ruins of the Bible schools and the foundations of western values lies the progress and initiative made for the people. No one burns down the house of their family and friends. You cannot fight terrorists by becoming one yourself. All the arms we need are for hugging! ”Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. “ - Ernest Hemingway
Sunday morning, there is nothing to do. It has been the same way for a week or two We are spare parts for the machine, the reserves We drink to fill our empty hearts All we are missing is content, we have lost track of our perfect lives We waste our youth here in the smokescreen and live our lives so hard we will not notice if we die We are spare parts for the machine, the reserves We drink to fill our empty hearts All we are missing is content, we have lost track. We flush our lives down the drain We got everything we need, all paid for Our parents bought us better days All we are missing is their love, we have lost track of our perfect lies The next generation, the future, dressed in fashion A million special people march to the same beat We religiously depend on consumption to fill up our souls But deep inside ourselves we all know we are fucking useless
They are squeezed together in life as in death. Sleeping on the freezing factory floors Memorial walls hold his family name. He is walking in the footprints of those who have suffered defeat “Of all the gin joints in this world, I am born into this state of affair” Lived through a twelve hour working day without thinking twice to support his family He tried so hard just to fit in. No-one helped him break this stalemate For all the nice things that he ever did, nobody bought him a drink in the bar or lent him a hand that would make him forget that living his life made him carry the weight of the world. He tried so hard just to fit in. No-one helped him break this stalemate And this one will never be taught in our history. He sacrificed his life for the benefits of the likes of you and me “You get to pay for the things that you get”. It was by this rule that he learned to live. He spent his life on his knees so we can keep on living strong with heads held high, standing up proud. Many people have to live under dreadful conditions, so the rest of us can live prosperous and meaningful lives. People have overcome the most malevolent situations and worked jobs that we would consider shocking, just to support their families. This song is dedicated to everyone that has forfeited their lives to make other lives better. This song is for everyone.
No one is getting out alive, so let us live like we mean it Maybe there is life before death Kill your time before your time kills you “Dream as if you will live forever Live as if you will die today” - James Dean We are just nihilists doing what we believe in Spending a lifetime seizing the day Time well wasted! Someday all your time is up and your life will flash before your eyes So make sure that it is worth watching because it is the final cut Life barely exists, death is forever but tomorrow will soon be today
Just defy! This is not a prose or a dull reminder of what we should be. This is everything we are (Sing it from the top of our lungs!) This is the time to stand up for what you believe in This is a simple plea for peace Here is to unity and love. Here is to freedom and the truth Lay down your arms and realize that we are all we have and we are one and the same This is not the time to divide us into black and white The Soylent Green is people! (Scream it from the top of our lungs!) These walls keep closing in on me the romantic pioneer of unity We are all we have and we are one and the same The blank eyes of the war vets tell us that we should not trust this worn out plan that they believe will form a better world Befriend others and make initiatives to make this world a better place for everyone.
Greed Energy 01:36
I thought I found a place to stay where one could breathe freely, a place of reason, a room for everyone (a place to be myself). But all I found was bullshit and know-all attitude. I would choose my friends over this scene any day Because everything you fight is everything you are I came here to be spared from narrow-mindedness, for openness towards diversity (A place to be myself). Not to hear your morals or be taught to live my life. What good are ideals when you do not live by them? Everything you fight is everything you are We do not need more churches to live decent lives We do not need more rules than we have already got We do not need your morals, we will make our own I will find my own way out Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and at least pretend they are glad you came. But when all you get is bullshit and know-all attitude then I will choose my friends over this shit any day Everything you fight is everything you are "We should acknowledge differences; we should greet differences, until difference makes no difference anymore." - Dr. Adela A. Allen
We are the world and its technology, originators of our fall The future is clear but we refuse to see. We will take the paved road to our demise We are the Wave and we are the Lottery We have past the point of no return here We cannot reverse this, we are the enemy There is no looking back, no looking back We cannot change direction anyway and there will be no one but us to blame An endless line of pleas for social change; what does it matter in the end? One million chords could never change our ways. This global virus will kill itself We cannot change direction anyway and there will be no-one but us to blame We cannot change
It is a brand new day and Dr. Phil is on the rerun You do nothing but eat. You are stuck in life and there is no change in sight Get up from the couch. It is slowly getting stuck to your ass You have not left your house since the day that everything turned white Work, slave, life consumes you
As we, the ruling species, try to backfill all the holes and right the wrongs of those who tried to backfill holes before us, every new decision seems to take us further down. We are all just powerless so enjoy our final moments because they are never coming back. Our visions for ourselves were just too optimistic and naïve for us to reach them. It is too late, just give up! More knowledge gives awareness of more things out of your hands. The more you educate yourself the less you understand. In theory, the status quo should keep us safe from harm but we are all but humans, so enjoy our final moments. When you look at all this misery and how everybody acts indifferent it is easy to become just that or simply lose hope It is too late, just give up! As the hard lead pierced his temple in a mind-numbing sound blast that drowned the music from his small stereo, a bird flew from the rooftop of the building he was in. His thoughts were finally emptied – all over the wall. His parents were both shocked by the knocking on their door. Two officers explained the tragic events. With a stale look they [his parents] expressed their surprise; they did not see that one coming their way – He was such a nice kid… You should be the change you want to see in this world! ”No one ever lacks a good reason for suicide.” - Cesare Pavese


released March 26, 2010


Released 26th of March 2010




5FeetUnder Records Aalborg, Denmark

5FeetUnder Records is a Danish DIY, non-profit record label.
The label has no employees – only a bunch of creative volunteers who do whatever they can, whenever they can. The label has no boss or owner and no one involved has a definite role; everyone who feels he/she has any contribution to make is free to help out.

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